Tarrega Flowers Shop has got great experience we endorse years in the preparation of Wedding Bouquets and Wedding Arrangements.

We are specialists with extensive experience in the preparation of bouquets of natural brides, floral arrangements, bouquets for weddings
Using great variety of flowers.

We customized bouquets of natural brides to make that day an unforgettable day.

All kinds of bouquets that you are interested in prepare, bouquet of roses, large bouquets, white flowers, floral centers, tulips, roses and more ....

To make your wedding celebration unforgettable, we decorate the church, car, decoration in gardens and exteriors and restaurants.

Flowers and Bouquets for Special Occasions

We have bouquets of flowers for all budgets, both for special occasions like flowers for Valentine, Flowers for birthdays,
Births, requests, golden weddings, anniversary and more.

Funeral Services

We know how difficult it is to spend these moments with the family ... therefore we offer our funeral services:
Funeral wreaths, centers, palms, crosses, branches, hearts and more ...